The County Line tradition continues with the Giovannangelo and Baldasaro families. The County Line began in the 60’s and has been serving Legendary Pizza ever since! Our family, originally from Mirabella and Sperlonga, Italy are proud to called this establishment OURS! Rocco and Anna are the head of our family. “Nonna” Anna was always an amazing cook. She always said that if you cook with love you will always have a great meal on your table. “Nonno” Rocco, her husband, can tell you that there is nothing short in that statement! For years he’s been spoiled by the talent this woman brings to his table and into the restaurant! For that “Nonno” Rocco is eternally grateful and it shows in the love they have for each other and for our family! Mr. and Mrs. G have 2 grown children. Luckily, they had a son with the same great skill set as Nonna’s! She only uses her eyes to make her meals and she can never tell you a recipe in its entirety. It’s a little of this and a dash of that! Massimo, the Italian-American born cook, follows in his mother’s footsteps. He was gifted with that same “recipeless” talent just like his mom! He’s been making memories in the kitchen with her since he was a young boy and he really shines at The County Line through the new dishes that he himself added to the menu! Side by side they prepare those mouth-watering old school Italian dishes that if you are Italian, most likely were at your dinner table growing up. Their daughter Nadia and son-in-law Al handle the front of the restaurant mostly but you may catch Al in back on the grill from time to time! As for Nadia, she’s the loud one up front usually screaming to the back when guests have questions about food! Nadia and Al also have two children, Alessia and Bianca. They are the two little girls that you’ll see from time to time running around the restaurant like the little bosses!

Anna learned mostly by watching her mom Lucia make the traditional Italian recipes. She has cooked and catered for years. She only uses the finest ingredients and most of them imported from her homeland! Although Massimo is the main cook of The County Line, Nonna still continues to cook and bake for the restaurant. “MA MAKES THE MEATBALLS” and a few other things when she comes into the restaurant. She frequents the place quite often and gives you the vibe that when you eat at our place it’s like your eating at home! We’ve kept up with the traditional County Line — Famous for the Legendary Shrimp Scampi, Pizza and Bleu Cheese dressing but we also brought in some of our own recipes and we guarantee you’ll like them! We stand by our “always be faithful to quality”, as you’ll see that on the back of some of our shirts! We consider The County Line as our home away from home and when you’re dining with us, we hope you feel the same way too! Thank you for your continuing patronage!

“Uno non può’ pensare bene, amare bene, dormire bene, se non ha mangiato bene.”

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one hasn’t eaten well.”

— The County Line

875 Donald Ross Road
Juno Beach, Florida